Strange Observations #7

Dreams – I’ve been having lots of food related dreams since beginning this WOE. The one that woke me up this morning was particularly disturbing, mainly because it involved my mother in an odd capacity and because it brought up something I did in my teens (binge and purge).

I am in the upstairs bathroom of the family home. On a shelf beside the toilet are rows of doughnuts and snack cakes. I notice them, but before I reach for any, there is a knock on the door. It is my mother asking me to wet two towels and give them to her. We have a brief conversation where she tells me she is going to the dentist and what her BGL reading was that morning. I happily say that mine was 98. She goes downstairs and I return to the shelf in the bathroom. I reach for a chocolate covered doughnut and not just eat it, but devour it. Then a Little Debby’s cinnamon roll, again devouring it. And another doughnut and another… then I remember that I am on this LCHF WOE and what a single wheat wrap had done to me and I panic. I lean over the toilet and begin purging. I awaken from the dream in a panic… having a literal panic attack. I am shaking and jittery… and my BGL is down to 74. Weird.