Strange Observations #8

Dairy – I’ve noticed lately that every time I eat dairy, even if it is high fat and low carb, my blood glucose level goes way up… like 20 pts higher than when I eat any other proteins.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am so insulin resistant that I have to leave lactose alone too. It is a sugar after all and I am trying to quit sugars of all sorts. So lactose is out… with the exception of butter and heavy whipping cream because they are mostly fat, like 99% fat and 1% carb. IF my blood glucose level still goes up, I will cut the HWC first and if that still doesn’t help, I will also give up butter.

I will be so glad when my body starts functioning correctly again.

Strange Observations #7

Dreams – I’ve been having lots of food related dreams since beginning this WOE. The one that woke me up this morning was particularly disturbing, mainly because it involved my mother in an odd capacity and because it brought up something I did in my teens (binge and purge).

I am in the upstairs bathroom of the family home. On a shelf beside the toilet are rows of doughnuts and snack cakes. I notice them, but before I reach for any, there is a knock on the door. It is my mother asking me to wet two towels and give them to her. We have a brief conversation where she tells me she is going to the dentist and what her BGL reading was that morning. I happily say that mine was 98. She goes downstairs and I return to the shelf in the bathroom. I reach for a chocolate covered doughnut and not just eat it, but devour it. Then a Little Debby’s cinnamon roll, again devouring it. And another doughnut and another… then I remember that I am on this LCHF WOE and what a single wheat wrap had done to me and I panic. I lean over the toilet and begin purging. I awaken from the dream in a panic… having a literal panic attack. I am shaking and jittery… and my BGL is down to 74. Weird.

Strange Observations #6

Skin Firming? – I hate to even admit this, although I am 49 now and have, for the most part, led a sedentary life over the last 5 years due to illnesses and mental health issues. I’d always been an avid walker. This allowed me to have fairly firm thighs and derriere, even as I continued to gain and maintain weight. However, during the last 5 years, I’d begun to notice the sagging, especially in the derriere, as I attempted one weight loss diet after another and would shed a few pounds. It saddened me to witness the sagging, of course, but with the severe neuropathy in my feet, I just couldn’t do the walking or exercising needed to firm up again.

And now, just a little over 2 weeks into eating this LCHF plan, I am noticing a slight firmness, in both my thighs and my derriere. Is this even possible without exercising?

I am also noticing a “plumpness” with my breasts. I know it is not due to my menses cycle because I no longer have one (complete hysterectomy due to uterine cancer 3 years ago).

Just chucking this up to the increasing presence of strange occurrences with my body and this LCHF lifestyle.

Strange Observations #5

Pork Rinds – I have always enjoyed eating these, long before I began this WOE. I always preferred the BBQ flavored ones to the plain. However, there are three little items in the BBQ flavored ones that I avoid now: dextrose, MSG, and maltodextrin. Two are sugars and the MSG, well it is just an evil monster hidden in foods that cause you to want to eat and eat and eat the product because it “enhances the flavor” and screws with your taste buds. I used to consume a whole 12 oz bag of BBQ Pork Rinds in one sitting!

I’ve noticed though that I am enjoying the flavor of just the plain ones now. I guess my taste buds are changing with this WOE and the BBQ ones (ate just one of my dad’s yesterday) now just taste nasty to me. I also don’t feel the urge to just over-consume on the plain ones. Now I can just snack on like 5 or 6 rinds and feel totally satisfied.

I get my crunch on and don’t go off plan!

Strange Observations #4

Motha f*ckin’ Chicken — I am so done with you!

Every time I eat it, regardless of how I eat it, my blood glucose level goes up and STAYS up. At around 11 this morning, I took my bgl; it was 102 . I took my insulin (20 units of Novalog). I ate 1/2 cup of chicken salad for lunch (s/b chicken, diced onion, mayo, sour cream, mustard, spices). Four hours later, my bgl is 165! After 4 hours, it should have come back down. It does with all other proteins that I eat, and especially if there are little to no carbs with it.

This is not the first time I have observed this. I am noticing it every time I eat chicken. Why? I am dumbfounded! Beef, pork, fish, eggs… they all decrease my bgl. Why does chicken raise it and keep it high?

Chicken… we are done. You will curse me no more!

Strange Observations #3

Sleep… when I was consuming a high carb diet, I slept constantly. Sometimes up to 12 hours per day. I led a mostly sedimentary lifestyle, so yeah, it’s no wonder the weight stayed on and I was tired all the time. Since I began this LCHF WOE, I have only been sleeping about 6 hours per day and usually only in 3 hour implements. The past week, I’ve been sleeping even less than that. The first couple of days I slept maybe 4 hours within a 48 time period. The next few days, 3.5 hours within a 44 hour time period. I was so in need of sleep night before last that I took a 100 mgs of Trazodone. Normally, that would have knocked me out for 8-12 hours. But, I only slept 3.5 hrs.

I explained my dilemma to my brother and he said, “Maybe the high carbs was causing the trazodone to give you that much sleep.” Hmmm, he may be right!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not going into sleep dep or anything like that, just a mild case of insomnia. I just really enjoy sleeping. I love dreaming. Hell, most of the time my dream world has seemed more real than this one. I did manage to get a nice 5 hrs sleep midday yesterday. It felt good, but sadly I don’t remember dreaming.

In further developments, I think I have solved my issue with Chicken. I have been eating skinless, boneless chicken tenders just sauteed in coconut oil with some garlic powder, pepper and salt. And I think the issue is that the chicken is not absorbing any of the coconut oil, or not very much of it, so it is staying a leaner meat. With just some cheese or a pat of butter on my vegetables, I was definitely not getting many grams of fat with my meal. So, I began making chicken salad instead, using a full fat mayonnaise and a full fat sour cream for the dressing and viola! I have not gotten sleepy after eating it! Yay me!

Now to make it through the next two days until payday when I get some really good foods in here to eat!

Onward and upward! Embracing Fat! Loving this WOL!

Strange Observations #2

Chicken – it completely puzzles me. Not just because it makes me sleepy (as I described in Strange Observations #1), but it also does weird things to my blood glucose levels.

With most proteins, 2 hours after I eat them (even if eaten with veggies) and check my blood glucose level, my blood sugar is no higher than 135. However, every single time I eat chicken (with or without veggies), my blood sugar is between 150-165 two hours after.

This leads me to ponder if chicken breaks down into sugar faster than other proteins. And it also makes me wonder if I should be eating way less chicken than other proteins.

Unfortunately, the only proteins in the house at the moment are eggs and chicken (well, there is peanut butter, but I try to avoid that). And although I dearly love eggs, I cannot eat them for every meal because I will quickly run out of them and be only left with chicken. Four days left until pay day.

Strange Observations #1

I’ve come across a strange observation concerning the consumption of proteins on this LCHF diet. I can eat beef, pork, eggs, dairy and fish and feel energetic for a couple of hours afterwards. However, when I consume chicken or turkey, I need a nap 30 mins after consumption. I know all about L-tryptophan and how it can make one drowsy after eating turkey and chicken, but it is also found in pork and dairy and I don’t get drowsy after either of those. And what’s stranger still is that fish, especially the ones I eat, have magnesium in them and magnesium relaxes me and yes, makes me sleepy, but I do not get drowsy after consuming fish.

Chuck this up to just a strange occurrence for me and a strange observation!