Strange Observations #6

Skin Firming? – I hate to even admit this, although I am 49 now and have, for the most part, led a sedentary life over the last 5 years due to illnesses and mental health issues. I’d always been an avid walker. This allowed me to have fairly firm thighs and derriere, even as I continued to gain and maintain weight. However, during the last 5 years, I’d begun to notice the sagging, especially in the derriere, as I attempted one weight loss diet after another and would shed a few pounds. It saddened me to witness the sagging, of course, but with the severe neuropathy in my feet, I just couldn’t do the walking or exercising needed to firm up again.

And now, just a little over 2 weeks into eating this LCHF plan, I am noticing a slight firmness, in both my thighs and my derriere. Is this even possible without exercising?

I am also noticing a “plumpness” with my breasts. I know it is not due to my menses cycle because I no longer have one (complete hysterectomy due to uterine cancer 3 years ago).

Just chucking this up to the increasing presence of strange occurrences with my body and this LCHF lifestyle.

Articles from the WWW: Ketogenics and Health Benefits

Here is the full article:

Ketogenic diet helps weight loss, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, MS and starves cancer


The ketogenic diet has a variety of health benefits that extend far beyond its popular application as a weight loss tool, cancer scientist Dr. Dominic D’Agostino said on a podcast with Nourish Balance Thrive.

For the past four years, D’Agostino’s lab has researched the use of the ketogenic diet to prevent epileptic seizures and “starve” cancer. He found the low carb, high-fat diet can protect brain health for epilepsy patients and for people who experience traumatic brain injury, such as football players who suffer concussions.

I know for a fact that it is helping with Diabetes! I am living proof!