Stress and Weight Loss

I’ve been watching videos by Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube and he goes into great lengths about stress, cortisol, which is the stress hormone, and how it affects weight loss. And one thing that he said is that the effects of stress can come from a very early age. He asked the audience to think back to when they first began gaining weight and what stresses may have happened then. It could have been trauma, loss, change, etc.

Mine began when I was very young, around 5. I had Reyes Syndrome and was in a coma for a week. That was the trauma. Then the change happened. Everyone began treating me like I was a fragile doll that would get sick and die. I couldn’t run around like children do, I wasn’t allowed to help in the kitchen, do housework, play with friends or cousins. It was always “must not excite the child.” This continued until I was around 12 years old. After that, came the loss. Instead of being the child everyone kept an eye on, I was completely ignored by my parents, siblings, other family members, and even friends. AND, I was an overweight child, at least 20-30 lbs heavier than my classmates.

However, my entire life has been one trauma, loss or change after another. And stress upon stress. Dr. Berg says this wears down the adrenal glands. Mine must be non-existent and probably why I cannot lose this stomach.

Right now, I live in the least stressful of circumstances than I ever have, and yet I still stress over money, people, my weight/health, and my “woe is me” moments. My heart races, my mind won’t shut off, and I don’t sleep very well. It’s no wonder cortisol hangs on to me like glue.

Here’s an excellent example of how people stress me out. I have a long-time friend who is extremely selfish. She cares only about “what’s in it for me,” and not two cents about how she affects others. Back in July, I ended our friendship. I was just done with her selfishness. Two days ago, she emailed me again. It is a month away from her birthday and this is one girl who LOVES her birthday gifts. I had a feeling she would be in contact the closer it got to her birthday and I was right. She wants to begin our friendship again, but she is not even willing to apologize for what caused it to end. Instead, she deflects back to me and puts the blame on me. Normally, being the kind-hearted soul (or push-over) that I am, I would just sweep it under the rug (all the while worrying about it night after night instead of sleeping) and accept her back. Not this time.

I am finally taking charge of my stress. No more negative people in my life. As Dr. Berg said, there are people who lift you up and people who drag you down. I need lifters, not downers.

Now to get this adrenal gland of my to start working better! That’s my next target.

Three Month Test Results – A1c & Cholesterol Panel

I do not have my test results from my previous A1c and Cholesterol panel, so I am just going by what the doctor said during my visit.

May’s Weight – 245¬† —¬† Today’s Weight – 240

In May, my A1c was 9.2, today it was 7.2
My glucose went from 233 in May to 178 today.

Today’s total cholesterol is 234. The doc said it is DOWN
HDL is 43, doc said it is UP
Triglycerides is 109, doc said they are DOWN
LDL is 169, doc said there was no change

According to this, I have a 5.4 risk factor for a Coronary

Doc wanted to put me on cholesterol medication, but I declined. Then he told me that he was on cholesterol medication, had a heart attack, and is still on cholesterol medication… did he honestly think that would make me say “Oh sure doc, put me on the same thing as you since it worked so well for you!” Crikey! Finally he said, “Okay, but don’t come back to me in 5 years after a heart attack and say I didn’t warn you.” Blow me, dough boy!

He didn’t lower any of my insulin. Said I could lower it a tiny bit at a time myself. Ha! I already have *bigcheesygrin*

He did say that he was glad I am on a low carb diet, then he told me to watch my salt intake *rolls eyes* Stupid stupid doctor! I do not even have high blood pressure! Mine is actually pretty low most of the time. Thanks for nothing, doc!

He was also glad that my A1c came down and said whatever I am doing, to keep doing it. I would say these are pretty good results considering that I’ve only been on the LCHF WOE for 5 weeks.

Goals, Goals, Goals!

I’ve yet to set and post my goals on here. So it’s time to rectify that.

Weight Goal:

  • current weight – 245 (or there about on the day I began this WOE)
  • goal weight – 145
  • weight loss – 100 lbs

Macros* Goals:

  • macros’ percentages – the recommended is 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs and I’ve pretty much been following that, but I think I need to up my protein, so my new percentages are 60% fat, 33% protein, 7% carbs.
  • daily caloric goal – 1200-1300 calories¬† – this averages out to about 720 – 780 calories in fat, 396 – 429 calories in protein, and 84 – 91 calories from carbs per day. In grams, this works out to 93 – 101 grams of fat, 51- 56 grams of protein, and 11 – 12 grams of carbs. I still may need to adjust. That does not seem like even remotely enough protein to me and a bit low on the carbs.

*Macros are macro-nutrients – fat, protein, carbohydrate

I admit that all of this confuses me. Trying to work out the percentages and the calories and the grams. Most days, I just watch my carb intake, keeping it under 20, and forget about all of the rest. I am only eating 2 meals per day with a small snack, so I couldn’t possible be consuming over 1200 calories. At least, I hope not.

People have tried telling me to get the MyFitnessPal app and use it. Well, it is NOT the best app for those on a LCHF diet. You have to manually adjust everything yourself and well, if I have to do that, I can get out a pen, paper and calculator and do it without the aggravation of an app telling me I will never lose weight eating high fat. If I do find one that isn’t so god-awful annoying, I will add a link on here.

Caloric/grams converter

The OKL Chart (Optimal Keto-Living):

11940715_1044434098900616_8810590234552821481_nTo use the chart, check under appropriate sex and your height. It will tell you how much protein, fat and carbs to consume and a caloric figure to follow. On the caloric, the first number is for weight loss and the second number is for maintenance.