Goals, Goals, Goals!

I’ve yet to set and post my goals on here. So it’s time to rectify that.

Weight Goal:

  • current weight – 245 (or there about on the day I began this WOE)
  • goal weight – 145
  • weight loss – 100 lbs

Macros* Goals:

  • macros’ percentages – the recommended is 75% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs and I’ve pretty much been following that, but I think I need to up my protein, so my new percentages are 60% fat, 33% protein, 7% carbs.
  • daily caloric goal – 1200-1300 calories¬† – this averages out to about 720 – 780 calories in fat, 396 – 429 calories in protein, and 84 – 91 calories from carbs per day. In grams, this works out to 93 – 101 grams of fat, 51- 56 grams of protein, and 11 – 12 grams of carbs. I still may need to adjust. That does not seem like even remotely enough protein to me and a bit low on the carbs.

*Macros are macro-nutrients – fat, protein, carbohydrate

I admit that all of this confuses me. Trying to work out the percentages and the calories and the grams. Most days, I just watch my carb intake, keeping it under 20, and forget about all of the rest. I am only eating 2 meals per day with a small snack, so I couldn’t possible be consuming over 1200 calories. At least, I hope not.

People have tried telling me to get the MyFitnessPal app and use it. Well, it is NOT the best app for those on a LCHF diet. You have to manually adjust everything yourself and well, if I have to do that, I can get out a pen, paper and calculator and do it without the aggravation of an app telling me I will never lose weight eating high fat. If I do find one that isn’t so god-awful annoying, I will add a link on here.

Caloric/grams converter

The OKL Chart (Optimal Keto-Living):

11940715_1044434098900616_8810590234552821481_nTo use the chart, check under appropriate sex and your height. It will tell you how much protein, fat and carbs to consume and a caloric figure to follow. On the caloric, the first number is for weight loss and the second number is for maintenance.