Shopping Excursion (09-11-2015)

Yesterday, I went in search of LCHF appropriate foods at my local Walmart and Krogers. This was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be. I envy people who have Trader Joes and Whole Food stores readily available to them. I also long for the days when I was able to work, make a decent paycheck and could afford good quality foods every week. Sadly, this is no longer the case for me. I am on disability and have at most $350 to spend per MONTH on food I can eat. So for me, it really came down to choices, availability, and price.

Choices – I live in a small rural area. Walmart, Krogers and Foodlion are the closest grocers available to me without driving 45mins to an hour to get to a Whole Foods. The choices for organic, grass-fed, free-range and GMO-free foods are near impossible to find. I do admit that there are more and more organic foods being introduced in my area, but they are pricey (will go into that in a moment) and not as much variety.

Availability – As I alluded to above, there just isn’t that much “good for me” stuff available and what is available is in smaller amounts. At my local Krogers (where I do most of my shopping), I counted 5 available fresh organic vegetables – celery, avocados, squash, lettuce/spinach, and broccoli. That was it! In the freezer section, all they had was peas, carrots, and broccoli, in combo bags. Peas and carrots are not LCHF appropriate foods. There were no available grass-fed varieties of meats at Krogers, and only ground bison available at Walmart. There are free-range eggs available at both.

Price – Since I am on a very tight budget, and since there is such a limited availability and choices of organic, grass-fed, free-range, non-GMO foods, there is none of the price reductions you would see at Trader Joes and Whole Foods where they are able to get mass amounts to keep prices lower. When faced with the dilemma of buying 1 cartons of 18 ct. reg eggs @$3.39 each or 1 cartons of 12 ct. organic, free-range eggs @4.99 each, I am afraid I would have to go with reg eggs and just hope for the best. This problem also arose with meats, vegetables, and some dairies. There is just no way on my limited budget with limited availability that I can afford to eat organic, grass-fed, free-range, non-GMO foods.

Did I mention that I do not have the available transportation to get to a Whole Foods? Well, I don’t. No car of my own and no available alternate transportation (bus or train). So a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

My grocery cart:

At Walmart – 8 bags of regular pork rinds (bought them out), package of pork steaks (4 to a package), 2 large bags of vegetables (1 just broccoli, the other a Normandy mix), 2 family size bags of brussel sprouts, 1 bag of mixed mushrooms, 2 jars of Dukes mayonnaise, and a package of sausage patties (12 patties – only one I could find without added sugars). There were a few other non-food items tossed in, but I ended up spending about $90 at Walmart.

At Krogers – 3x3lb ground beef (75/25 fat), 5 packages of smoked sausages (on sale), a whole chicken, chicken thighs with skin (4 to a pack), ham steak, 4 packages of bacon, 3 cartons of 18 ct eggs, 2 quarts of HWC, 3 packs of butter (sorry, no grass-fed Kerrygold here), a variety of whole fat cheeses, 4 packages of cream cheese, 2 containers of whole fat sour cream, 10 cans of chunk light tuna, 3 lg cans of salmon, 2 cans of corned beef (no hash), 2 jars of coconut oil, 1 jar of alfredo sauce, 4 packs of frozen spinach (so I don’t waste the spinach!), 4 avocados, a bag of romaine lettuce (3 to a bag), a small head of cabbage, celery, some spices, and 3 bags of pork rinds (bought them out too). Total came to $213. That leaves me with just a little over $40 in case I need something desperately at the store later in the month.

Things I wanted, but could not afford/find, etc.:

  • steak – lots available, but the price was just too high
  • corned beef brisket – price was just too high
  • bone-in pork chops – price was too high
  • cauliflower – zero available as just cauliflower in the frozen section, available fresh looked like they were on their last legs
  • zucchini/squash – just not enough money left over for them
  • other spices – OMG! the prices on spices is outrageous!
  • grass-fed beef – none available

Well, so that was my excursion. It is very difficult to find “good” foods in my area. It is even harder to afford the few I did find. So I will just have to be satisfied with my frankenfoods and pray that I get enough real nutrition between what I eat and the supplements that I take.