Strange Observations #5

Pork Rinds – I have always enjoyed eating these, long before I began this WOE. I always preferred the BBQ flavored ones to the plain. However, there are three little items in the BBQ flavored ones that I avoid now: dextrose, MSG, and maltodextrin. Two are sugars and the MSG, well it is just an evil monster hidden in foods that cause you to want to eat and eat and eat the product because it “enhances the flavor” and screws with your taste buds. I used to consume a whole 12 oz bag of BBQ Pork Rinds in one sitting!

I’ve noticed though that I am enjoying the flavor of just the plain ones now. I guess my taste buds are changing with this WOE and the BBQ ones (ate just one of my dad’s yesterday) now just taste nasty to me. I also don’t feel the urge to just over-consume on the plain ones. Now I can just snack on like 5 or 6 rinds and feel totally satisfied.

I get my crunch on and don’t go off plan!