Three Month Test Results – A1c & Cholesterol Panel

I do not have my test results from my previous A1c and Cholesterol panel, so I am just going by what the doctor said during my visit.

May’s Weight – 245  —  Today’s Weight – 240

In May, my A1c was 9.2, today it was 7.2
My glucose went from 233 in May to 178 today.

Today’s total cholesterol is 234. The doc said it is DOWN
HDL is 43, doc said it is UP
Triglycerides is 109, doc said they are DOWN
LDL is 169, doc said there was no change

According to this, I have a 5.4 risk factor for a Coronary

Doc wanted to put me on cholesterol medication, but I declined. Then he told me that he was on cholesterol medication, had a heart attack, and is still on cholesterol medication… did he honestly think that would make me say “Oh sure doc, put me on the same thing as you since it worked so well for you!” Crikey! Finally he said, “Okay, but don’t come back to me in 5 years after a heart attack and say I didn’t warn you.” Blow me, dough boy!

He didn’t lower any of my insulin. Said I could lower it a tiny bit at a time myself. Ha! I already have *bigcheesygrin*

He did say that he was glad I am on a low carb diet, then he told me to watch my salt intake *rolls eyes* Stupid stupid doctor! I do not even have high blood pressure! Mine is actually pretty low most of the time. Thanks for nothing, doc!

He was also glad that my A1c came down and said whatever I am doing, to keep doing it. I would say these are pretty good results considering that I’ve only been on the LCHF WOE for 5 weeks.