Strange Observations #6

Skin Firming? – I hate to even admit this, although I am 49 now and have, for the most part, led a sedentary life over the last 5 years due to illnesses and mental health issues. I’d always been an avid walker. This allowed me to have fairly firm thighs and derriere, even as I continued to gain and maintain weight. However, during the last 5 years, I’d begun to notice the sagging, especially in the derriere, as I attempted one weight loss diet after another and would shed a few pounds. It saddened me to witness the sagging, of course, but with the severe neuropathy in my feet, I just couldn’t do the walking or exercising needed to firm up again.

And now, just a little over 2 weeks into eating this LCHF plan, I am noticing a slight firmness, in both my thighs and my derriere. Is this even possible without exercising?

I am also noticing a “plumpness” with my breasts. I know it is not due to my menses cycle because I no longer have one (complete hysterectomy due to uterine cancer 3 years ago).

Just chucking this up to the increasing presence of strange occurrences with my body and this LCHF lifestyle.