Dos and Don’ts Food List

The following is the food list that I use. It lists Foods to DO eat, eat SOMETIMES, and foods to NEVER eat. If you save the file to your own computer, you can zoom in to see the list clearly. If it is not on this list for doable food, I do not eat it. I try to even avoid the sometimes foods.


6 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts Food List

  1. By following this, I have lost 7.6 lbs so far. The only change I had to make was my horrific addiction to Dr. Pepper, and what little sweets I was eating. The foods that are ok are all foods I love! Win! Win!


  2. Just wondering why edemame is listed as never? 20g of protein and the ones I had contained 11g carbs for a 1oz. Serving which is high, BUT with 10 grams fiber that brought net carbs down to 1g.


    1. There are two reasons, Justin. 1) Edemame is a legume and they are generally not allowed on a LCHF diet. 2) It is soy and unless it is organic, soy is generally GMO in the US and can be detrimental to one’s health. If you are a Vegetarian LCHF dieter, then it would be a better choice than some legumes. It just depends on if you are a meat eater LCHF dieter or a Vegetarian one. Still, if you enjoy Edemame and want to try it on your LCHF diet, do so. See if it knocks you out of ketosis or not. If it does, don’t eat it again. If it doesn’t, then enjoy it. This is all about your choices and decisions, after all.


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