Weight Loss and the LCHF WOE

I’ve heard so many people complaining that they aren’t seeing drastic weight loss in the first or second week of eating LC. What many fail to see or understand is that what one will normally lose first on this WOE is WATER. Everyone’s body is different. Some people retain lots of water and therefore will have a drastic weight loss the first couple of weeks. Other people, like myself, who do not retain much water, will have a drastically lower weight loss. But that is a GOOD thing… that means what we have lost, be it 2-5 lbs the first few weeks is actually FAT. And well, isn’t that what the LCHF diet is designed to do? Yes! It is!

I will take a fat loss over a water loss any day!

Another thing… people obsessing over their scales. THROW IT AWAY or lock it up somewhere… weighing in every day will only discourage you. Your body is adjusting to this WOE and some days you will lose, other days you may even gain. So weighing in every day will not be an accurate account of overall weight loss. Once a month is the better way to go. Also, be more concerned with how your clothes feel/fit. That is a true measurement of weight loss!