Stevia Products

I have mentioned before that I cannot do most sugar substitutes. I cannot use aspartame because it makes me numb and gives me panic attacks if I consume too much. I cannot use sucralose because it give me migraines (fuck you, Pepsi for adding sucralose to your products! You bastards!).

I CAN use saccharine in limited amounts, but only the liquid drops. And I CAN use stevia, but again, only in the liquid drops. I CANNOT use the powdered versions period because they contain maltodextrin, which causes my blood sugar to rise. Maltodextrin is a SUGAR.

The one thing I really miss from my lifestyle before LCHF is French Vanilla creamer. I admit, I probably consumed the majority of my carbs per day from this very product (5 grams of carbs per 1 Tbsp – no way I ever consumed just 1 Tbsp in a cup of coffee!). I love love love the flavor. I am an avid coffee drinker and love my flavored coffee. So, on this LCHF WOL, I have  had to search out alternatives.  What to do, what to do?

My alternative: HWC and flavored stevia (vanilla cream)!

Granted, it doesn’t taste nearly as good as the commercial product, but I am willing to make some sacrifices for this WOL.

SweetLeaf (the only stevia brand I trust) has a variety of flavored stevia liquid drops. Just do a search on Amazon. Admittedly, those little 4 oz. bottles are pricey (around $10 each), but they do last a while. The ones I am interested in are vanilla cream, chocolate, toffee, and rootbeer (wouldn’t be for my coffee though.. lol).

There is also a product called Stur (search for it on Amazon) that has flavored drops to add to your water. They are pricey though. They have an awesome tea with lemon and I really like the fruit punch and Garcina Cambogia varieties. Some grocers even carry it, but I couldn’t find it at my local Krogers.

Another alternative is Zevia. It is a carbonated soda with stevia added. They are not carb-free though. I see them available in my Krogers ads every week. However, my particular store does not carry them. Other Krogers might and you have to look in their health food section, not the regular soda section.

Thankfully, stevia is becoming more readily available. I just have to check labels though to make sure the stevia products I do buy do not have maltodextrin in them. This was a sad realization when I went in search of Protein powders with stevia. I think I may have found 2 products without the maltodextrin. The quantity was small and the price outrageous.

I am sure there are other stevia products on the market and I will definitely continue to seek them out. It’s all about the research, price and availability for me though.

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