Strange Observations #4

Motha f*ckin’ Chicken — I am so done with you!

Every time I eat it, regardless of how I eat it, my blood glucose level goes up and STAYS up. At around 11 this morning, I took my bgl; it was 102 . I took my insulin (20 units of Novalog). I ate 1/2 cup of chicken salad for lunch (s/b chicken, diced onion, mayo, sour cream, mustard, spices). Four hours later, my bgl is 165! After 4 hours, it should have come back down. It does with all other proteins that I eat, and especially if there are little to no carbs with it.

This is not the first time I have observed this. I am noticing it every time I eat chicken. Why? I am dumbfounded! Beef, pork, fish, eggs… they all decrease my bgl. Why does chicken raise it and keep it high?

Chicken… we are done. You will curse me no more!

2 thoughts on “Strange Observations #4

  1. I know you have been on this diet a while. I only recently found your blog and have started reading back postings. In regards to your chicken dilemma. Perhaps chicken raises your blood glucose levels due to the sheer amount of corn that is fed to most chickens ? Just a thought. I too have seen some strange but interesting side effects so I will eagerly read your blog to see if any of mine show up in your list. Thanks for sharing.
    Nancy B.

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    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Nancy. Yeah, I’ve had my ups and downs with the LCHF way of life for a few years now. I rarely update this blog because for the most part, I have gone back to eating primarily vegetables, fish, eggs and avocados. Over time, pork and beef also began raising my glucose levels, so I stopped eating them as well as chicken. I do really well with fish, shrimp and eggs. I just leave all other carbs besides vegetables alone and still eat avocados on a daily basis for those good omega oils. You may be correct about the corn being fed chickens. I tried to go organic as often as I could with all the meats, but on my limited budget, it just became overwhelmingly expensive. I stick with frozen wild caught fish now and just bake it with a little butter and lemon juice, some spices… seems to work well and I don’t have to eat very much of it as fish is so high in protein. I’ve lost 80 lbs since I began this diet, now maintain my glucose levels well and have a lot of energy. It really is a good diet for diabetics.

      Good luck on your journey and please do share some of your side effects with me as they occur. Best wishes!


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